AWA Food Additives is one of the most experienced companies in the food industry. We offer a reliable supply of high quality food ingredients from all over the world.

We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services. These include product development, knowledge-based on-site technical support and innovative logistical solutions as well as marketing and distribution. We provide attractive tailor made service packages that sharpen your competitive edge. 


We set benchmarks for quality, safety and ensure the full compliance with these high standards along with continuous upgrading. Whatever your requirements are, you can count on our ingredients to help you create perfect texture, appetizing colors, better taste whilst optimizing your production process and ensuring consumers' intake of nutritious, appealing and cost effective food products.

We can supply you with individually developed innovative elements or any of our more than 150 food ingredients, just the way you like them. All ingredients are also backed up with comprehensive information and application support of over 120 AWA Food Additives' work team who have the know-how that is kept at the highest level via on-going education and training. 
We pass timely and detailed information to customers and suppliers on the latest market and product development within the food industry. This privilege enables our partners to identify new and commercially attractive sales opportunities for their raw materials and products.

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